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Friday, February 23, 2024 9:04 PM

Alabama Supreme Court IVF Ruling

It was a busy day for news, and the announcement from the Alabama Supreme Court is extremely unsettling. The ruling against IVF treatments has sent many women scrambling who were about to receive transfers of the embryo, or have embryos in storage for when they are ready to start a family. Anyone who has received infertility treatments knows they are a carefully planned, well timed event. There are women who choose IVF for other reasons besides infertility, such as a cancer diagnosis. 

With the Republicans attacks on women’s reproductive health, I knew infertility treatments and the attack on them was just a matter of time. This is something I am very passionate about since my son was conceived through IVF. I understand all too well the heartache of infertility and the miracle of life that infertility treatments can bring to a family. It was an  absolutely life-changing gift science has given to my family and so many other families. My son is almost 23 and anyone who meets him finds him truly an amazing human being. I can barely remember life before him. Without IVF, he would not be here, and he was meant to be here. 

With Republicans currently attacking women’s reproductive health, I knew it was time to speak out to protect our rights, protect families rights. We need to control our bodies, and not leave it up to right wing politicians with their own rigid agendas. 

Here’s more on this subject to educate yourself with. your news summary here.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023 12:13 PM

First month of bail reform: Challenges, benefits and a reduced jail population in Cook County

This article is fairly good perspective of the progress so far of non-cash bail. Logically, I have never found cash bail to be a wise choice for our justice system. Access to money does not determine whether you are a danger to society or not, just as a lack of money doesn't determine your danger level. Our justice system is founded on “innocent till proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.” People who end up being innocent but are stuck in jail because they can not make bail end up with severe damages to their lives. Conversely, people have been released on bail often have ended up committing violent crimes. Again, paying bail is not necessary a deterrent for a true criminal.

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